Free Energy ??? – Fact or Fake ? Wasif Kahloon showing selfrunning magnet motor Free Energy Selfrunning Magnet Motor For more info have a look here:…

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overunitydotcom sagt:

Free Energy – Wasif Kahloon showing selfrunning magnet motor powering
2KWatts loads

The Spiritual Physicist sagt:

anyone in holland wanna connect .. i’d like to showcase one of these at an
event i’m holding 

MrFreddiew1 sagt:

I have been involved in a few prototype to end product projects..I would
advise Wasif to make a really nicely machined version (find a friendly
machine shop) remake it to something thats more presentable, with a row of
wall sockets at the front, all mounted on a skeleton base plate for
lightness and to please the stupid sceptics..Then you can show the world
your invention. With more accurate machining I bet you could compact the
design down to 2/3s or less of the length, and create a really compact
device…Like this alot..Thanks for sharing this with us, maybe we can all
learn something from this.

peatear42 sagt:

Genius! does the motor work like a crank shaft? where the gaps from one
cylinder/disk can be overcome by adjusting the position of the gaps from
the succeeding cylinders/disks..? -I can see that actually working :)

DiyEcoProjects sagt:

ok can we see this running with just the magnent discs please, without the
ac motor on the front? then that would be interesting

Naoki Kashima sagt:

This man is NOT Stan Meyers, Stan Meyers invented a car that runs on water
and was murdered for it.

Cloxxki sagt:

It’s only true if he can make another one, or let someone else’s generator
get the same results. We may have seen similar accomplishments, but the
inventors‘ greed and paranoia prevented the world from benefiting. Which is
a crime against humanity.

gregsbest sagt:

Great idea and device . Thank you for showing this. I would like to amke
one myself.
Do you sharre the plans ? Buy a copy of the plans ?
Or is this maching only to be made by you ?
Unfortumately I do not understand all the words, there is much background
Thank you for sharing your success and in helping others. Cheers, Gk.

Diadon A sagt:

So long as profitability is a part of our social sciences, our applied
science will remain the same. Separating ourselves from the energy of all
things only lowers our vibrational frequency as we are today. Killing for
dichotomies created when our minds decided they were who we really are.
(i.e ego, sin, veil of maya, whatever its called in your culture) If it is
truly to make the world better for all than why not open source it? If we
were to see the big picture in species. Money would have no place in our
society anymore. Think about it, unlimited energy from a self sustained
force. Why would we use a financial system based on supply and demand, when
there was no longer scarcity? 

DiyEcoProjects sagt:

Beautifully constructed, and well made brake …

Zoe .Marks sagt:

Fake rubbish.

davs ky sagt:

wow!!!! this is the true electric bill buster, very nice….

Stormy13Wizard13 sagt:

How much longer are the so called experts going to say this can not be
done? Thanks for posting. Peace,

Mareno Dizajn sagt:

Free Energy

tj. đžabeeeeee

Dmitry Kiselev sagt:

Ha-Ha-Ha!!! Bull shit!

Blah Blab sagt:

Kind of an older idea at this point…mine has a flux capacitor and a
heated flesh light.

Keith Brier sagt:


Alexander Voulgaris sagt:

I don’t think it’s true .I believe you have hide a battery inside the
generator .
Let’s See it without anything conected

apb38 sagt:

Now I’m no scientist, but I’ve come to the conclusion that with enormity of
the amount of free energy or MUCH more for less energy vids that are out
there are 2 possibilities:
1) There are thousands upon thousands of highly technical, very visual
liars and imposters out there………or
2) Like most science buffs we’ve already made the connection between
magnetism and electricity, and the reason there are thousands upon
thousands of videos is because it’s all true. I’ve ALWAYS known it was
#2 If governments won’t mass produce these things then we will have to
build them ourselves i guess.

MrArrow1961 sagt:


compactimpact sagt:

please provide the plan to build this.
I would like to form an organization to provide the device at low price for

John Hardin sagt:

Tremendous! I love what you have done. Let’s get this out to the world.
Make deserts bloom, make fresh water everywhere, grow vegetables and food
in the dark powered by natural spectrum lighting. Stop using oil and
charge batteries for electric cars.
THIS invention can do it. If I get some money. I will help you get this
into production my friend.

Rj Aquaponics sagt:

I would watch your back, front, side and never eat anything you don’t grow
yourself !!! The power brokers won’t let this out. So BE CAREFUL
PLEASE! I believe such a device is possible. I have a theory of how it
works. I believe the most important thing you can do is get the design out
to many inventors and have them duplicate your design and build many of
them. If you keep this technology locked in your mind, you will be
squashed into infinity. I personally would like to build one of these to
honor the inventor (you) and help get this technology out in the public.
You can help humanity and free us slaves! 

intergalactic99 sagt:

If Clanzer replicates it then i’ll buy it!

ChaChoRrom sagt:

OK, I see it working and I believe that this is a REAL WORKING PROTOTYPE
but I am afraid that like ALL of the other successful Inventors in the past
they will vanish in to thin air.


TheSaeed111111 sagt:

whi the stator is not heat? bull shit

clixbits sagt:

Let’s hope they know about things like kick-starter over there in Pakistan.
This could be THE BIGGEST kick-starter EVER.
Fingers crossed the Boys in Suits don’t get to him first.

ballahable sagt:

That’s incredible , is there any way to speak with u in private ? I would
like to talk with u and learn more about how it works . Message me please
and thank you 

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